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2023 Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinics

This year, Nike Coach of the Year Clinics are back IN PERSON!
Join us for a nationwide sweep of clinics hitting 7 cities starting February 2023.
Learn from the TOP Nike College programs in the country with America's most respected coaching clinics.
This exclusive educational experience is powered by
Football Coaches Insider.

Featuring Head and Assistant Coaches From Some of These Nike Programs:

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Choose between a standard admission/entrance ticket or a ticket that includes admission AND Football Coaches Insider +Plus Video Library Access!
Multi-coach discounts for your whole football staff!


+Plus Ticket Option: Receive 12 Months of On-Demand Access to
Football Coaches Insider +Plus in Addition to Your Admission.

   •  650+ Total Football Clinic Sessions
   •  200+ PAST Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Sessions
   •  350+ State Clinic Sessions
   •  $99.99 Value!
   •  This Year's In-Person Clinics (select sessions only)

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